Leanne Marshall at London and Lace

Congratulations are due to, Ann Wells Clifton and Blake Farman! They were married this past weekend on the beautiful Ocracoke Island, off the shore of North Carolina. This incredible backdrop, was the historical setting for the surrendering of the pirate known as “Blackbeard.” But, this weekend there was a different surrendering happening.

Ann met her future husband, while attending the University of South Carolina. The two were both in the math department, and from what I could tell, seemed to know there was something special about the other. What I found remarkable, was the love and passion that the people in their bridal party felt about them. Despite the fact that I only spent two days with them, I came away feeling like I had experienced everything that they had gone through together. The way his groomsmen spoke about him, was truly a testament to the power of friendship. The kindness and love that her bridesmaids shared, are what we all hope for when we choose our friends. And as Ann Wells walked towards Blake in the flowing lines of her Leanne Marshall gown, you could see excitement of the wait was finally over. In a few short moments, her wait would be over.

The ceremony and reception were held at The Berkley Manor on Ocracoke Island. After all of the festivities were finished, the two walked across the street to find a boat named, “Salvation,” waiting for them. And as the two floated away, one could not help but notice the extreme amount of love that was in the air. This is the type of experience that every bride deserves to have. One filled with love and beauty. We wish Blake and Ann the best, and hope that their marriage grows into an eternity together. Congratulations to Blake and Ann Wells!! 😀