Loulette Bride

Brooklyn, NY



Loulette Bride is all about creating spirited bridal for the adventurous soul. The head designer, Marteal, designs and crafts every bridal piece in her NYC studio with her best friend, Timmy (Loulette Lingerie). The duo met at Syracuse University and moved to the Garment District of NYC together after graduation. Marteal then began working in the bridal industry. After loads of requests for custom-made wedding dresses from her friends and family, she decided to launch the Loulette Bride brand, while Timmy began its sister company Loulette Lingerie. Together, they focus on quality over quantity, and use only the finest materials and delicate craftsmanship to make a garment that will become an heirloom.

Marteal makes it no secret that she has witnessed shady goings-on in her history with the bridal industry. In response, she makes sure that Loulette is a sustainable and responsible brand. All garments are made with integrity and love in their Brooklyn studio. They strive to cut out the excess waste created my the fashion industry one beautiful thing at a time.