Eugenia Couture at London and Lace

What Do You Seek

Let me start this blog first by saying, I am not trying to force what I believe on you, but I still feel as if this is relevant to the world of weddings. What is the desire of your heart? Every morning I receive a devotional in my email that I read, for the most part, at 5:30 in the morning. In all honesty, that is probably the last time you should read anything, but it is a habit that I have developed over the past year. Some mornings, this devotional makes no sense and I feel as if it was meant for someone else. It could be that I am still half asleep, but it doesn’t trigger anything in me. But some mornings, especially the past couple of months, it has been speaking to me as if a megaphone were in my ear. This morning it started with this verse.

Trust GOD from the bottom of your heart; don’t try to figure out everything on your own. Listen for GOD’s voice in everything you do, everywhere you go; He’s the one who will keep you on track.
Proverbs 3:5-6

This hit really close to home. Everyone knows, that in October, our state was hit with a terrible disaster that some of us are still reeling from, but have not lost hope. We know for a fact, that there were many brides that had to postpone or cancel their weddings for one reason or another because of this and that left us heartbroken. We know that one woman’s engagement ring, that she had yet to receive, was underwater for several days. The prospective groom was not sure if he would be able to find it, so that he could place it on her finger. To have this desire of love and union that seems to be tugging at your soul taken away from you, has to be the most devastating thing anyone could go through.

But there is hope, and there are miracles that still happen to this day. You just have to look for them. This passage that I read starts out with, “Trust GOD from the bottom of your heart.” It hit me this morning as to what that actually means. If you only trust GOD with what is on top, then it is a superficial trust. It is not a trust that is digging deep within your soul. It is a trust that is not allowing Him to take root into everything that you are. That means, handing over the steering wheel and letting Him drive. And, unfortunately, it means taking a number, taking a seat and waiting patiently on the answer to come. In my time on this Earth, I have realized that sometimes, the wait is the answer. Because, in the wait, you learn about yourself and the people that you are around. The wait slows you down and lets you take reference to your needs, and not your selfish intentions. You begin to discover your true desire, the one that was buried under all of the fluff that society demanded on you.

Maybe your wedding didn’t need 500 guests. Maybe you discover that you really didn’t want filet mignon at your wedding, and that southern treasure known as the covered dish is the best way to go. Whatever the case may be, hope is still there and the desire of your heart will be given to you if you learn to trust your GOD from the bottom of your heart.

My intent of this post, was not to convert you into believing what I do. My intent of this post was to let you know that we at London and Lace care about our brides and what they are going through. When a bride comes to us for her gown, we have always taken the time to get to know them. We attempt to do everything we can to make the process as stress free as possible. It is for this reason that I am proud of my wife, Lisa, and love being a part of London and Lace. May all of you receive the true desire of your heart.