Ersa Atelier at London and Lace

Ten years ago, two minds were put together into one fascinating process: the design and handcrafting of bridal creations.
Born in december 1975, Gabriela and Cristina Antonescu sisters, graduated “The National School of Fine Arts” in Bucharest, going from ambient
to textile design, as to reach in the next years, to fashion design. The real school and great knowledge in fact, was made in the workshop of best
known romanian novel writer and designer, Doina Levinta, with whom they spent over 7 years. This experience contributed to their personal training resulting
in a slightly theatrical style of dresses. Soon after that, they opened the first shop in Romania.
With their first participation in the International Wedding Fair – “Expomariage”, the two designers’ success was real, and their select clientele-
from the political, showbiz and sport field – confirmed their succeess.
The selection of dresses-for both wedding and evening occasions-takes place only in Ersa Showroom, where the dress pattern is outlined, and where
the texture, colors and types of embroidery are decided. Dresses are created only in the design studio situated in “Ersa” showroom.
In 2003 they created the evening outfits for Miss Romania contest and also for the most important fashion events organized by Fashion Tv.
Among the many awards of the designers, are included those obtained within Bucharest Fashion Week: “The Fashion creator of the year” in 2007,
“The best luxury pret-a-porter creator in 2008, “The best wedding dress creator” in 2009, “The best evening dress creator” in 2010,
“The Award for promoting fashion abroad” in 2011.
In 2011, they attended The Bride Show Dubai, the most famous fashion fair in the Middle East, being declared Fashion Icon.
In 2013 the American brides are fascinated by the royal gowns, while they attend Fashion Shows in Chicago, during the 4th Annual Bridal S
Classified one of the most exclusive brands in Romania, attending to many fashion shows on catwalks in Vienna, Monte Carlo, Beirut, USA,
Ersa Atelier reach the pages of most popular fashion blogs, all over the world.
For “Ersa”, every dress is a unique process of reinvention, defined by a dialogue between an idea and a dream.
Inspired by the silhouettes of a classical ball, “Ersa” creations become contemporary throughout their freshness,
estheticism and individuality of details. Using exclusively handmade rare materials and precious lace, “Ersa”
creates dresses which propose a sophisticated, passionate, enigmatic and attractive image. To believe that you can
become your dream is the first step in making your dream come true.

The gowns from Ersa Atelier range in price from $9000-15000.