Trunk Show

This weekend will be tremendously exciting for us because it is the start of the Eugenia Couture and Joy Trunk Show. As you may already know, Eugenia Couture has always hit close to home with us, because Lisa wore one of their designs when she walked down the aisle to meet me. This year is pretty exciting for Eugenia Couture as well, because they just launched their new line entitled Joy. Both of these lines will be ready for viewing this Friday at London and Lace. A few months back, I rebuilt our website after returning home from the New York Bridal Market. While I was there, I captured this image of one of their new gowns. It was truly the inspiration for the new site. But when I released it, I released the black and white version because I wanted to show the timelessness of the gown. This week, I wanted to show you the color version, simply because I want to explain the detail in it. The flowers that you see on this gown are hand painted on it. This is absolutely stunning to see in person and it would be fabulous to wear in an outdoor setting. Because these flowers are hand painted on, it will make for every gown to be unique. You will truly have a one of a kind dress to walk down the aisle to, that is just as unique as you are. This gown will be able to be viewed this weekend so don’t wait to make an appointment to find your perfect dress.