Leanne Marshall at London and Lace

I want to ask you a question. Do you think the price of a wedding dress is expensive? It is not a hard question, but some have taken it hard. What I mean by that is, whenever people talk about money, it becomes a sensitive subject. Our society today, truly is a commercial one. We are bombarded everyday with advertisements that take us to new worlds. They make us think that happiness is found in a bottle of diet soda, and camels tell jokes about “hump days.” But, we all know that what we see in those advertisements are not real, and those products will not solve our problems.

What we do not see in most of our advertisements, is the truth. The truth about the chemicals that go into those products to keep them “fresh,” and the true cost of what you are buying. When it comes to the gown that you will wear on your wedding day, what will matter to you? Will the place where the dress was manufactured be a consideration for you? Meaning, does it make a difference to you that a true designer made the dress, or if someone in another country did, because the labor was cheaper. Is the concept of having a dress made just for you important, or would you like one that was made in bulk and shipped in a container overseas with hundreds more of the same gown?

These are questions that you must ask yourself, in order to better answer my question, do you think the price of a wedding dress is expensive? The dresses that we sell at London and Lace are of the highest quality. They are made one at a time for each individual bride that comes in the door. They are made with natural fabrics, and do not contain harmful chemicals or synthetics. This means, that our dresses will be lighter and more comfortable on your wedding day.

If that is something that is important to you, then the dresses that we carry are not expensive at all. They are worth it. If you are the type of bride that cares about quality, designer bridal gowns, then London and Lace in Columbia, SC is the right bridal boutique for you. Make an appointment today, and see what quality is all about.