Fashion Board

Last Night

One of the great things about business, is being able to make an impression on the next generation of youth. To be able is share the success and hardship lessons with them, is not only an honor, but also a privilege. There are so many mistakes that our previous generations have made to increase their bottom line, that it has created an incredible uphill battle to correct. But, this battle is so worth it, and it the benefits form sticking to your core values will always pay off in more ways than one. We had the great pleasure of having members of the University of South Carolina Fashion Board with us last night. These lovely ladies, came into our beautiful boutique and were given the chance to ask questions and learn about one aspect of the fashion industry, and that is the wonderful world of bridal. We were able to share with them the reasons why we do what we do at London and Lace. The things that matter most to us, like natural fibers, no outsourcing and no child labor, were discussed in an open forum that allowed the ladies to ask questions and hopefully inspire decisions that they might make in the future. We think taking time like this with the next generation is important and we encourage all who read this to do the same with the field that you are in. After all, there is no greater honor than to teach. 🙂