Michal Medina at London and Lace

At London and Lace, we believe that every dress is searching for the right bride. Our dresses wait patiently for their bride to walk in our doors and find them. We feel this way because every dress and every bride are beautiful, but not every dress is made for every bride. We have seen it. That moment, time and time again, where the bride’s face lights up because her wedding dress has found her. This dress is no different. It is named Gigi, and it is made with love in Israel by the wonderful designer named Michal Medina. This ball gown has straps that lead to a magnificent open back. But, it is the sparkle that this dress has that truly catches your eye. Beautiful and fashion forward, Gigi is a gown made for the grandest of weddings. If this describes how you want you wedding day to be, do not hesitate. Make an appointment with London and Lace today, and let the professionals here, help you find that perfect dress. 😀