Ruelle Gown by Alexandra Grecco, $2,800.


Alexandra Grecco is a contemporary bride’s dream come true. She is New York City chic through and through. Grecco’s Classics Collection epitomizes the bridal trends that lend themselves towards elegant minimalism. The “less is more” vibe has been popping up in everything from invitations to flowers to, of course, the gown. The beauty of this look lies in the balance of timeless and airy fabrics with modern silhouettes.

The Ruelle gown is a gorgeous combination of simplicity and drama. This gown is breaking all stereotypes that simple means “boring.” A bride walking out with that train flowing behind her and that gorgeous peek of leg through the skirt slit is sure to leave jaws on the floor. The low, scoop back and dainty straps show off just enough for a bride to feel sexy, yet refined. The texture of this dress is something you must see and feel to believe. Its silky sheen and the richness of Grecco’s signature off-white color instantly pops out and catches your attention.

We can picture this dress dazzling in venues that feature a lot of textural elements so the sleekness of the material will contrast and stand out. The Ruelle gown would look stellar on a sandy beach, in a big church with all its traditional wood and stone, or in a botanical, forest setting. My favorite combo might be this gown in one of those restored, historic venues like an old brick building with plenty of its timeworn charms and loads of greenery all over. Does this sound like the vision you have for your wedding day? Come give Ruelle a try-on!