The London and Lace Experience

Through a collaborative effort with a brand new video production company, Soda City Films, we have created a fun new way to be a part of the London and Lace Bridal Boutique. With the usage of glorious 4K resolution video, and some exciting techniques, Soda City Films was able to capture what it is like to come to London and Lace as a bride to be, and find that perfect dress. This is the promo for a new series that we will be soon offering online. It will be a way for you, the bride, to discover and learn as much about our designers and the importance of what we do at London and Lace. On Thursday night, we will be premiering the wedding video, #fromcalitocarolina. This is an open invitation to all Ladies and Gentlemen please join us at 2921 Devine St. in Columbia, SC to celebrate our 1 year anniversary and to see this beautiful couple share their vows. And soon, we will be releasing the dates for the series release. Follow us on Facebook to learn more about what is coming. And make an appointment online today, to come and find your perfect dress.