Posted by Lisa Kyzer on Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Lisa answered the wedding questions that you submitted to us! All of the questions are below for you to look at more closely. Thank you to everyone who tuned in and who asked questions! If you missed this one, we will be doing more Q&A’s soon so start thinking up what you want to ask!

audrakathryn What dresses are on trend right now???

Simplicity! Clean lines are very in– big thanks to Meghan Markle on that one! She also has really brought sleeves to the forefront of wedding gown trends. On the other end of that, detailed lace is having a big moment. Michal Medina is a master of combining lace and sparkle into her fabulous wedding gowns. Michal features lace tiers in a handful of her dresses that our brides are responding to really well. So look out for that on the horizon!

lolocone How unique can a bride make their dress? Like how can they alter one they really like, to make it one they love? Does it cost a lot more?

You have loads of options at London and Lace! Some brides have opted to have us custom create an entire gown for them from start to finish. We love doing that because we get to be creative with the bride throughout the entire process. We also customize existing dresses all the time. Very few of our brides leave the store in a dress that has not been customized for them in some way. Most frequently, we add splashes of lace to dresses that brides want a little more detail on, increase trains, and lower backs. Whether you decide to have our seamstress, Beatrice (she’s magical) or the designer of the dress do the changes, you are always in very good hands. We like to keep our customizations cost very fair so we will always let you know the price difference between having the designer change the design or having Bea fix it after the dress is done. That way you can decide what option fits better in your budget.

columbiabrideguide When people come in with a budget, often they spend that entirely on the dress alone. Should brides also have an additional budget for accessories (veil, jewelry, etc) as well as alterations? Or do you explain those extra costs when they tell you their budget at the beginning?

We talk our brides through budget when they come in. It is very smart to separate your wedding gown budget into dress and accessories so that if you spend a little more on one you can just subtract from the other. Accessories have a way of adding up quickly so often we recommend to buy the dress and wait on the accessories because they take less time to be made and delivered. It is a nice way to break up your payments. Our new favorite thing that brides have been doing is asking for accessories as wedding or holiday gifts. So if you have a holiday or birthday coming up and someone wants to get you something, just tell them to call us and order the headpiece, belt, or whatever it is. We can take a credit card over the phone and have it wrapped up safely with your dress when you arrive!

athenasimone Cost is a big deal for me, but so is having a good dress shopping experience. I’m nervous about shopping/buying from places like David’s Bridal but don’t want to spend thousands on a dress so I feel a little trapped. What do y’all suggest? Also, any advice about eloping would be great! I would love to elope with a small group of people and have some party to celebrate after, but I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes and I want to avoid a big and expensive event. Thanks!

Come on in, girl! We are all about giving the best experience, regardless of budget. We will help you explore and research your options like some of our more affordable designers and getting discounts whenever you can. We cannot offer discounts on made-to-order dress usually because we have strict contracts BUT we do have discounts during trunk shows that we always extend to brides. Also, we offer discounts when you buy a dress off rack (like our June Sample Sale going on right now!!) Our brides become family at London and Lace and we can’t wait to have you join. We really pride ourselves on the experience we provide for brides planning their wedding. Our brides always leave feeling happy, relaxed, and special.

We love a good elopement wedding! It is such a great way to make sure that your wedding day is surrounded by only your favorite people and things. It also allows you to not have to spend as much money on venue, decor, food, etc.. so that you can really focus on the aspects that are important to you. For me, that was my gown! If you are worried about stepping on toes, remind people that you are trying to keep things intimate and hopefully they will respect that. It might also be nice to have that date for the bigger celebration you want ready to go so that if they ask about it you can say, “Well the wedding is really small but of course you will be invited to the party! Mark your calendar, it’s going to be great!”

klhinto If you’re interested in coming into London and Lace do you need to set up an appointment? Or do y’all accept walk ins?

Both! We totally accept walk-ins but if it is a busy day, we might not be able to get you in right away. If you come in on a Saturday, for example, we might have to ask you to wait around or go walk around Devine Street and come back in a little later. Weekdays are often slower so walk-ins on those days are almost always taken care of pretty quickly! We only have one dressing room because we like to maintain a one-on-one appointment with our brides so that they can have an individualized experience with us and they people they bring. If you know you will bring a bunch of people, we recommend booking an appointment beforehand so that y’all don’t have to wait.