Michal Medina at London and Lace

Last October, Lisa and were at Bridal Market and we were staying at the London NYC. It is the place where most of the higher quality bridal gowns are viewed during all of the chaos that is Bridal Market. We were viewing another designer who happened to be waiting for their model to arrive from the other location that their gowns were being viewed. It was during this time, that I decided to go down stairs and wait for her.

As I walked out, I noticed a model wearing a bridal gown being photographed outside of the hotel. I snapped a quick pic of her and sparked a conversation with the gentleman taking pictures with his iPhone. His name was Sami, and as it turned out, the model was the daughter of the designer of the gown that she was wearing. The designer’s name was, Michal Medina. As we conversed, I learned that they were a designer out of Israel and that they were all hand made. I was greatly intrigued, and they invited me up to see the line.

Lisa and I made our way to their room, and immediately were blown away by their collection. The construction and quality were exquisite, and their commitment to our boutique and the brides that we have was exactly what we were looking for in a designer to bring to the south. When their first trunk show came to our shop, it was an immediate success with our brides. You could feel the quality.

This past April, we went to view the new collection, and again, were blown away. Michal Medina has found the perfect combination of vintage style, and fashion forward glamour. If this is the type of bride that you feel you are, then don’t wast a minute making an appointment at London and Lace. Come see the gowns that everyone is talking about. Come see Michal Medina at London and Lace today.