Michal Medina at London and Lace

The picture you see here is of Daja Dial. Daja was the winner of the Miss South Carolina 2015 pageant, and later went on to be the Top 7 in the Miss America Pageant. She is an stunningly beautiful woman that is as kind, as she is attractive. Miss Dial came into our store a couple of months back to choose a gown to wear as the host of the Miss South Carolina 2017 pageant that was held this past weekend at the Township Auditorium. When she came into our beautiful boutique, she looked at all of the gowns on the racks like every other young woman that comes in, with amazement. She told us some things that we hear quite often. Like, “I want to wear them all!” 😀

But, it was one of the new editions to our bridal family that caught her attention the most. In fact, it is safe to say that she gravitated towards this dress by Michal Medina. When she put it on, it was like she was lifted up into something that words cannot justly describe. And, when it came time for the pageant, the dress did not disappoint the audience either. As we sat at our table waiting for the show to begin, we were hammered by compliment after compliment of how beautiful Daja looked in that dress. The A-line sparkle of this dress could be seen all the way in the back of the auditorium. When she turned around to reveal the open back, you couldn’t help but to try and  catch your breath.

It is safe to say that Daja chose well for her dress. But, what about you, the bride? What will you choose for your wedding day? Would you choose to wear a hand made gown from Israel when you walk down the aisle? If you said yes to that, then this weekend is the perfect time for you to make an appointment at London and Lace. The Michal Medina Trunk Show will be in our showroom, and we can’t wait to see brides try them on. When we stumbled upon them last October, we knew that their designs would be a perfect fit for our store, and for the beautiful brides that chose to wear them. If this is how you want to feel on your wedding day, don’t wait! Make an appointment today because this weekend is sure to book out. 😀