Eugenia Couture at London and Lace

It’s A Rare Occasion

If you know anything about our store by now, it is that we only do 100% bridal. We started this boutique with the vision in mind of giving the bride an incredible experience. We did not want anything to distract the bride from having all of the attention on her during her appointment. We wanted to give the brides everything that they deserved, because after all, traditionally, a wedding is a ceremony where the bride is being presented to her groom. The wedding day is supposed to be about her, giving herself to another in love. But, somewhere along the way, the wedding day became more about the wedding day than the bride. And as a result, the bride seems to get lost in the shuffle of the florist, the venue, the bridesmaids, the groomsmen, the caterer, etc., etc.,

But since the inception of our boutique, we have noticed that there is another void in the bridal market that we believe needs filling. It is a place for the mother of the bride to find her dress. We noticed this as a result of many people requesting that we carry mother of the bride gowns. So, we got to thinking. I know that is a tremendously southern saying, but it is a good one to describe what actually happened. A few of the designers that we sell also make mother of the bride dresses. They are of the same quality and are also made in the United States of America. If these types of gowns are offered by our designers, shouldn’t we offer them to our mother of the brides? Shouldn’t they have the opportunity to feel beautiful as well? After all, it is there baby girl that is being given away in ceremony.

Starting this week, one of our favorite designers will be showcasing their mother of the bride line at London and Lace. This is an extremely wonderful opportunity that should not be missed. We are going to treat this just like a bridal appointment. You, the mother of the bride, get to come in and try on some of these beautiful gowns that are made in Philadelphia, PA. At London and Lace, the City of Brotherly Love, is bring you the gowns of motherly love. This is an awesome time to be a mother, so don’t miss the chance. Make an appointment today and see if these gowns are right for you. 🙂