New York is always inspiring. There are many pieces and moments that make you feel deeply connected to the city. This trip we stayed in the Meatpacking district which was close to the water and a bit more quiet. You can walk to the edge by the ocean and feel relaxed from the busy streets.

My first stop was Alexandra Grecco’s reveal celebration. Upon entering we stood outside. The misty rain sprinkled our faces. Across the street was Lenny Kravitz photography studio. I have always enjoyed his music and had no idea that he was a photographer as well. I really wanted to peak inside but our line was long and his studio wasn’t open yet.

Thirty or so minutes rolled by and we entered the side of the hotel. Escorted onto the elevator, a nice young gentlemen pushed the PH button, taking us to the top of the James Nomad hotel. The rooftop was a garden nestled between the city lines. A green and floral path way, led to the first gown. A beautiful model that reminded me of Venus stood in the gown named, Sephine. Her curly blonde hair was pinned loosely. The gown, had an open square neckline with delicate lace detail and simple sheath off white crepe that was contouring to her shape. She turned to show the lace on the train. The same delicate lace lay as in insert, creating a very whimsical detail. Photographers were all around. You could hear the sound of their shutters clicking as peoples’ conversations filled the air.

I continued the flow of the walkway, which led to the rest of the models and gowns. The scene was vibrant. Drinks were being passed. Cocktails came with a puff of cotton candy to each person’s delight. I didn’t try one but I will say they looked tempting.

Alexandra, surrounded by friends and fans delightfully enjoyed the praise as I continued to see the latest gowns. I took a few pictures and did some social media. I stood for a moment taking it all in. She named this season’s collection Cloud Nine. Dreamy was an understatement, as each gown felt truly effortless. Alexandra knows clean lines, and she brought that signature to each design.

I was able to give my love to Alexandra and her manager, Niki, and then I was on my way. Down the elevator and into the mist. This was just the beginning of a busy few days. Next up One Fine Day!