Claire Pettibone at London and Lace

If you’re the type of bride who prefers turquoise to diamonds, wildflowers to roses, braids to formal up-do’s, and a VW bus to a limo, this collection is for you. Designer Claire Pettibone has built a career making brides’ dreams come true, but if her couture collection is a bit out of reach, or if you just want a more understated, low-key vibe for your special day, she has created some very romantic ways to say ??????? “I-do”.

“After countless love-letters from brides who adored my collection but didn’t quite have a couture budget, we felt it was time to launch Romantique”, Pettibone explains. “It was really important to me and our company to make this collection with quality and integrity, so we chose to keep the production at home here in Los Angeles. Romantique has a relaxed elegance so that a bride can really make it her own. I love that our brides don’t fit into a “type” and that my collection seems to attract the coolest, anti-zilla, girls-you-would-totally-be-friends-with”, says the designer.

The collection includes a mixture of flowing silhouettes, feminine off-the-shoulder sleeves, delicate embroidered lace, and signature stunning backs. Graceful and ethereal, Claire Pettibone Romantique features understated, elegant gowns priced from $1,500 to $2,800, perfect for your own love story.