Leanne Marshall

When my wife and I go to Bridal Market in New York City, we take a look at literally hundreds of dresses, in buildings that are holding thousands of dresses from hundreds of designers. That is a lot to go through, but it is worth it when you find dresses like this one. Immediately, when I saw this dress, I was taken back to a time when I lived in Savannah, GA. Savannah is one of the most beautiful places that I have ever seen. The beauty that comes from the history of the old south is breathtaking. I remember the flowers blooming in springtime. The way they make the perfectly planned squares fill with color is amazing.

This dress by Leanne Marshall, would be perfect for a wedding planned in Savannah. The soft flowing natural silk gown would feel light as air as you walked towards your groom. The simple but elegant bodice hangs ever so softly from the lightest of straps. The way this gown delicately clings to the female form is nothing short of stunning. This wedding dress is sure to make your future husband swoon.

Your bridal gown is what makes you feel like a bride. If this is the way that you want to look and feel on your wedding day, then don’t hesitate to make an appointment today at London and Lace. Let the professionals there, help guide you towards the dress that is waiting for you to discover it.