Eugenia Couture at London and Lace

What Type of Silhouette Do You Dream Of?

There is a question that Lisa always asked our brides when they come in. What silhouette are you looking for in a gown? That might be something foreign for most of you to here, but what she is asking is what is the basic shape of the dress that you are looking for when you walk down the aisle? The 5 basic shapes or silhouettes that you have are Ball Gown, A-line, Fit to Flare, Trumpet and Mermaid. Those determine the overall look of your wedding dress as you approach the alter. Of course, the venue that you are being married in plays a big part in the determination of your silhouette. Large venues and outdoor locations are perfect for Ball Gowns, but in a more intimate setting, an A-line or fitted gown might make more sense. But, as photographers, sometimes we want to explore the silhouette in other ways.

This past weekend, Ashley Concannon and I collaborated on a shoot inside the store after it closed. What came from that shoot was absolute beauty. Different photographers have different ways of looking at things. On this shoot, Ashley and I looked at these dresses from two different perspectives. Because of her background in ballet, Ashley wanted to capture the full movement of these gowns and how the would react being lit from behind. My obsession with getting close ups lately, took me on a different look. Those photos will be coming soon, but for now, let us focus on this photo of Anna Porter wearing a Eugenia Couture gown. In case you missed it, this gown is actually a shorty. The top is a deep V that is surrounded by wonderfully elegant lace, but the bottom is something to behold. It falls in the category of ball gown and it is truly original. The cascading tool that falls over the short satin skirt underneath is unbelievable. If you don’t think that this gown will dance at your wedding, you are not looking close enough. This gown has wings and is ready for you to take flight down the aisle. This photo represents something different in bridal. This photos says that the designers mind is a wonderful place of creation, but that creation cannot be taken on an adventure without the right person wearing it. Ashley’s vision for this dress turned out amazing!

Are you the right person for this gown? There is only one way to find out. Make an appointment soon at London and Lace and see if this silhouette is right for you. 🙂