Alvina Valenta at London and Lace

Little Girls

I use to see all of these pictures of little girls that friends and family would show me, and my ears would be filled with the sounds of, “Awwww…she’s so cute!!” I honestly didn’t get it. I was completely uninterested due to the fact that there was no skateboard in the picture. But then I had my daughter, and something changed. In fact, my whole view point on girls and women changed instantly. Having a son, like most men, meant teaching him how to kill wild animals with his bare hands and rule the hen house, just like the delusions of grandeur that made me who I am. But having a daughter, that changed me, and I believe it did for the better, because now I see how wrong I was, and how wonderful pictures of little girls are. You see, now I look at my daughter as the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I see her as this soft being who looks at the world in a whole different way, and I also see her as something that I will have to give away one day at the end of the aisle. So, now, it has become my sworn duty to teach her all of the right things to look for in a man, as well as the proper karate strike to the throat that she can give to the wrong man. This picture I took, truly makes me say, “Awwww…they’re so cute!!” And it hits close to home, because one of the girls in this picture is my daughter’s “best friend.” To see her in this picture makes me wonder how my daughter will be on her wedding day. Will she be wearing an Alvina Valenta gown from New York, NY, like this bride, and will she have a traditional long veil like this one made in Denver, CO by Sara Gabriel? Or will she choose something altogether different. These are the thoughts that having a daughter has given me and it gives me great pleasure to talk to the fathers of the brides that come into London and Lace because I now know what the effect of Little girls in pictures can be.