Eugenia couture at London and Lace

The Joy Collection

If you know anything, you know that Eugenia Couture has a special place in the hearts of Lisa and I because Lisa wore one of their gowns for our wedding. Lisa likes to say that she wore a huge couch on our wedding day. It was a beautiful, brocade ball gown with a sweetheart neckline that shimmered in the North Carolina sun as she walked towards me. At every step, these electric blue pumps poked themselves out from under the satin finish of the gown. She had this smile that went from ear to ear, as this enormous train dragged behind her. It was everything she wanted in a gown. But, I know for a matter of fact that some of you reading this would not want that at all. In fact, you would want the exact opposite. You would want a “shorty.” What’s a shorty?! It’s a wedding dress that stops above the knees. So, you mean like a skirt? Well, yes, it is a skirt, but when you are getting married in it, it is a shorty. I don’t know why, and I am not going to take the time to research it to explain it. That is just the way it is and you should come to love and accept it as we have. A shorty is the perfect dress for a small and intimate wedding on the beach. It is also the perfect dress for a wedding in downtown Manhattan, where you are going to the church and then need to jump into a cab to go to the reception for dancing. After all, who wants to drag a train through the busy streets of New York City?! Yes, a shorty is the perfect dress for the lighthearted, quick moving bride that doesn’t want to be slowed down by the procession. This shorty you see here is a brand new offering from Joy by Eugenia Couture. the lace is simply wonderful and these sleeves give you the best of both worlds. The drama you want from a gown with sleeves, but the sensuality of a skirt made to show off just how great those legs of yours can move. If you are wanting a dress like this, come to London and Lace and see if a shorty is right for you.