Michal Medina

The Streets of New York City are alive with an energy that can not be explained. You have to walk them to actually know what I am talking about. When I was younger, I had absolutely no interest in going to New York for anything. I was raised as a southerner, and that was the way that I wanted to live my whole life. It wasn’t until I met Lisa, that I felt the call of the big city. The moment I hit the streets of New York for our first Bridal Market, I was changed. I was intrigued by the people that were trying to make it. The old saying, “If you can make in New York, you can make it anywhere,” became real to me because I could see it. From the cab drivers working 12 hour days in a car, to the Wall Street bankers, everyone was hustling.

This past trip was no different. And, as always, I had my camera with me for every step of the trip. It was Sunday morning when we stepped out into streets from the confines of our hotel. As we were walking out, representatives from Michal Medina and their models were stepping out at the same time with us. I could give you a hundred reasons why the people at Michal Medina are amazing, but the one that I want to focus on here is how hard they work to tell people about their bridal gowns. The first time I met them, they were out in the streets taking photos of their dresses, and things were no different on this trip. The first person we met on this trip at the London NYC hotel where we were staying was Michal Medina’s model, Tal. As soon as we walked in the door, we saw the gown and immediately knew that it was one of theirs. There is no mistaking the style of a true designer. It is no different than any other art form.

When we were all out on the street, I saw that they were taking the models to take some pictures in the streets. I had already photographed the models at the viewing, but this was an opportunity for us to take something different. This was our opportunity to take something special with the gowns. We found this little parking lot off to the side of the hotel where the light was coming directly down on the models like a spotlight. The warmth, the glow and the shine that it gave the dress was magnificent. And as Tal spun around with the tail of the dress following behind her, I saw magic. The magic that every bride deserves to feel on her wedding day. To feel more beautiful than she ever has, is the feeling that every woman that walks down the aisle to her soul mate should know. Do you want to feel this way on your perfect day? If so, then make an appointment today at London and Lace, and let their trained staff guide you to your perfect dress. 🙂