To Top It All Off…

With the Sara Gabriel trunk show this past weekend, London and Lace was engulfed in gorgeous veils and accessories. It made me wonder about one of the questions we get asked: “Do I have to wear a veil?” The short answer is a swift no. You do not have to do anything you do not want to do on your wedding day. Your wedding is about you and the person you love. It’s about the people you love and being surrounded by the things that bring you joy. If one of those things is a veil, go for it! If it’s not, of course that is wonderful, too!

One of the newest trends in wedding accessories is the cape. Alexandra Grecco is a genius when it comes to the flow and drama of a fabulous cape. It gives the bride the grand entrance of a veil but with a little more spunk. We had one bride in particular who went full cape and it was so perfect for her and what she had planned for her California backyard wedding. She is in training to be an army ranger and must keep her hair very short. Because of this, she felt like a veil did not quite look right but she still wanted that bridal feel. She said opting for the cape made her feel feminine yet still strong and true to herself. You go, girl!

Another of our favorite options for a veil substitute is a stellar headpiece. Some brides are more organic and like the floral Twigs and Honey head vines, others are regal and go for the tiaras from Paris by Debra Moreland (she provides some of the crowns on the CW show Reign!) and many are somewhere in between the two. Headpieces are a great statement piece of jewelry that can be worn again after your wedding or saved as an heirloom piece to be shared with someone close to you when it is their time to turn heads on their wedding day!

Long story short: be the most you on your wedding day. Do and wear the things that make you feel the most gorgeous. Whether you are in a veil and tiara or just letting your hair flow free, it’s going to be beautiful because you are expressing your best self.