So you have the ring… now what?

A lot of brides find the first steps of wedding dress shopping to be overwhelming. At London and Lace, it is our mission to make finding your dream gown a warm, stress-free, and all around fun experience. So, we put together a quick guide for how brides can get started.

  1. First things first, decide your type of wedding venue and the season you want to get married. It is more difficult to choose a dress when you don’t know if you will be getting married inside or outside, spring or fall, this year or next, and so on.
  2. Talk about budget. Whether you and your fiancé are paying for the dress or someone else is gifting it to you, have a chat about how much you would like to spend. A lot of people have an overall wedding budget but not necessarily one just for the dress. Before you hit the stores, decide how much of the budget you would be willing to commit to the gown. Don’t forget things like accessories and alterations will add to your overall budget, so set a little aside so you aren’t surprised later.
  3. Look at your options. Start looking at bridal boutiques in your area or that your friends have gone to or recommend. This will involve a bit of research because each shop is different and offers unique experiences, styles, designers, etc.. For example, London and Lace has an ethereal vibe with dresses that walk the line between traditional and whimsical. Instagram, Facebook, and each shop’s website should be the best way to compare this.
  4. Make your appointment! Talk to the people who you want to bring and figure out the best time to schedule it. When choosing people to help you shop, think about the friends and family in your life who know you the best. Once you find a style that flatters you, it becomes harder to decide between gowns so you are going to want to be surrounded by people who will help you find the dress that will make you feel the most like yourself.
  5. Come in with a list of things you like and don’t like in regards to wedding gowns but offer an open mind. Sometimes what you see in the magazines looks very different in person and you love things you did not expect!
  6. Appointment time! Relax and have fun! If there are any accessories or undergarments that you know you want to wear with the dress, bring them so you know what will work together. Pay attention to what dresses call to you as soon as you walk in. A lot of brides end up buying the first dress they try on because they have a connection. Be vocal about the feelings you get in each dress, everyone wants you to look you best but only you know the dress that makes you feel your best.

If you feel like you need any extra information, give us a call! We are here so make this process easy and fun for you. We love our brides and get so excited for them to join our London and Lace family! Make an appointment soon so you can be next!!