Leanne Marshall at London and Lace

What is important to you on your wedding day? Is it the venue? Or are you the type of bride that wants nothing more than to be lifted up as the most beautiful woman in the room? And do you feel as if the dress you wear, is the thing that can do that for you? If this is the type of person you are, then London and Lace Bridal is the place for you, because that is how we feel about our brides. We feel that our brides deserve attention. Our brides deserve quality, our brides deserve to have not only the best gown, but the best service.

Our gowns are all designer made and come from the country that they were designed. We do not believe in the outsourcing of our products to other countries where children are exploited in their labor practices, and we do not believe in the mass production of gowns that use dangerous chemicals. We believe in the way things were originally done, with love, care and the natural materials that our earth has provided.

Our gowns are designed to move freely with our brides as they take that first dance on their wedding day. With the use of natural silks, our gowns become lighter and more breathable, to keep our brides more comfortable on that day where they are lifted up as a life mate to the person that they have chosen. And our gowns are designed to not only make your heart race when you first see it on you, but also to make the love of your life’s heart race with it. Because of this, London and Lace has been proud to serve brides from cities all over the southeast including Charleston, SC, Charlotte, NC, Greenville, SC, Asheville, NC, Savannah, GA, Atlanta, GA, Nashville, TN, Knoxville, TN, Birmingham, AL, Daytona, FL, and New Orleans, LA.

If these are the types of things that matter to you, then London and Lace is the bridal boutique where you will find, what is important.