Michal Medina at Lonfon and Lace

How do you want your back framed? This seems like a strange question to ask, but it is totally a relevant question because of the nature of what will happen at your wedding. For the large part of the ceremony, your guests will be looking at your back. Sure, when the doors open and the familiar, “Here Comes the Bride,” starts playing, all of the guests will turn to see you approach the alter. But, from the point you pass them, until the point the minister announces your union to the crowd, everyone in the audience will be looking at your back.

The guests will be looking at the length of the train, the grace of the veil and the way your dress frames your back. Which brings us back to our original question. How would you like your dress to frame your back. Do you want to have a completely open back, or do you want it to be covered up with lace. Maybe you have a tattoo that you want covered, so that your grandmother does not find out. Or, vice versa, you have a tattoo on your back that says something about you and you want the world to see it on your perfect day. Whatever your motivation, this is a part of your overall look, that you must consider.

If this is a question that has you perplexed, let the trained people at London and Lace help you with your decision. The years of experience that they have, give them the ability to help guide you to the perfect gown for your perfect day. They can help guide you to the dress that has been waiting for you by listening to your needs and wants. We don’t want to sell you just any dress. We want to sell you the perfect dress. So, make an appointment today, and find out just how beautiful you can be on your wedding day. 😀