Barbara Kavchok at London and Lace

I recently spent the afternoon in Aiken doing a bridal portrait shoot for one of the London and Lace brides. She was lit up beautifully from head to toe by a smile that you could not ignore. That smile was brought on by one thing. Her excitement for being able to put her wedding dress on. Sure, she could technically put it on anytime that she wanted, but this was different.

She was going to be putting on the dress, and getting her makeup and hair done just the way they will be on her wedding day. She is getting a taste of what it will be like to walk around during a celebration for her. And this taste of what is to come, can be seen all over her face. She is lit up internally and externally, and anxious with the anticipation of starting her new life with her partner. This type of joy in a woman is one of the most beautiful things you can experience. It is pure happiness.

As we walked around the gardens looking for interesting backgrounds, the people passing us by would say things like, “congratulations,” or “you look so beautiful, he is a very lucky man.” What woman doesn’t want to hear something like that? What made it even better is that she was totally immersed in the experience. The feeling of wearing this dress that she had chosen was of confidence in her choice. She knew at this moment, that she was wearing exactly the right dress for her, because it was reaffirmed by the on lookers.

Isn’t that the experience that you want as a bride? Don’t you want to feel extremely confident in the gown that you choose? If you said yes to either of these, then don’t wait to make an appointment at London and Lace. Let Lisa and her team help direct you to the gown that is perfect for your wedding day. Your day is coming and you deserve to be the most beautiful you can be. 😀